The plant division at Ground Roots supplies a variety of conifers, and ornamental plants to garden centers, landscapers, and more. We strive to grow the highest quality plants through obtaining genetically superior seed, optimal cultural practices, and staying up to date on our plant knowledge. Plant education is not only for ourselves, but also to be able to share with our customers. We work with customers ranging locally in South Central Pennsylvania to the Midwest, into the Northeast, and into the southern regions. We have a great team at Ground Roots that has the experience and knowledge and we look forward to working with you!


We offer products that will grow in a diverse range of hardiness zones along with sizes ranging from 3’ to 13’. Hardiness zones are the standard by which you can determine which plants are likely to thrive in a particular location. We attend educational classes throughout the year to stay up on the most recent cultural practices to best care for the plants. We hope to provide plant material for a wide range of customers with the highest quality product possible.


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We grow a large variety of pumpkins for wholesale, from extra small 3lb. pumpkins to large 30lb. pumpkins. We also offer stackers, specialty, and warted pumpkins, and gourds. Our varieties include but aren’t limited to, Kratos, Carbonado Gold, Blanco, Annabelle, Cinderella, Goonies, and Baby Bumps. If you’re interested in learning more about the varieties we offer or pricing, please contact us


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