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Ground Roots was established in 2015 by the Strathmeyer family. It’s the product of learnings and opportunities in the agriculture industry since 1932. The business currently consists of two divisions – a Plant Materials business selling conifer and ornamental plants in cut and balled & burlap forms to retail and wholesale markets, and a Contract Services business providing subcontract labor to mostly agricultural-related companies.

The family business began at the turn of the century, by Charles H. Strathmeyer, as a Grocery and Meat Store on Philadelphia Street in York, PA. A part of his business was selling local, wild pine trees at the store during the holidays. This led to his son, Charles W., planting pine tree seeds in nursery beds to cultivate trees. Over time the son of Charles W. Strathmeyer, Fred Strathmeyer, established the company’s tree nursery business and helped to guide further growth in the Christmas Tree industry. Fred was a key part in founding both the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association and the National Christmas Tree Growers Association. The current owners of Ground Roots grew up working for and with their father, Fred Strathmeyer, Sr. in his Christmas Tree and Nursery business. They have continued his tradition of providing expertly grown evergreens for over 85 years.

Presently, Ground Roots believes in being diverse in our offerings and finding success in opportunities presented to us. The current business focus is on ornamental and evergreen cut and balled and burlap trees, pumpkins, and contract service work. Having customers in both the retail and wholesale markets for all products continues to be a focal point for the business. There is a great team at Ground Roots who constantly adapts and excels at new tasks each day and improves upon existing ones. 

As a part of what Ground Roots does, we believe it’s important to be involved in the community in which we live and work. Therefore, we participate in a variety of organizations on local and national levels. Our hope is to give back to our industry and the local community as best as possible through these organizations. If you would like to get involved, or have any additional organizations that you feel would be great to join, don’t hesitate to reach out!



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